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Baby Loch Sergers

4/3/2-Thread Serging                                                                           ExtraordinAir Threading System™
Differential Feed                                                                                    Automatic Thread Delivery System
Free-Arm Serging                                                                                 Pure Lighting with 3 LED lights
Easy Color-Coded Threading                                                             Full-Featured Differential Feed
                                                                                                                  Exclusive Wave Stitch     
Ovation                                                                                                        Evolution
Largest Throat Space - 5" to Right of Needle                                   ExtraordinAir Thread System
ExtraordinAir™ Threading                                                                    Automatic Thread Delivery System                                               
Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD)                                                         Pure Light With 3 LED Lights                                      
2 to 8 Thread Serging                                                                             8/7/6 Thread Stitch Capacity                                      
Pure Lighting - 6 LED Lights                                                                 Full - Featured Differential Feed
Knee Lift
                                                                                                    Cover Stitch Chaining Off

Diana                                                                                                      Imagine
5/4/3/2 Thread Serging                                                                       Exclusive Baby Lock Jet -Air Threading™
Differential Feed                                                                                   Automatic Thread Delivery System
Easy Color Coded Threading
                                                            Tubular Loopers
Accessories                                                                                         LooperDriveSystem                                                                                Chain and Cover Stitch                                                                      Advanced Knife Driving & One-Way Clutch System
                                                                                                                 Full-Featured Differential Feed

   Eclipse SX                                                                                           Eclipse DX  
   Full Featured Differetial Feed                                                         Exclusive Baby Lock Jet -Air Threading™                                            4/3/2 Thread Serging                                                                       Dial Adjustable Stitch Length and Automatic Rolled Hem 
                                                                                                                 Fabric Support System  
                                                                                                                4/3/2 Thread serging
                                                                                                                Full-Featured Differential Feed

Cover Stitch
Exclusive Baby Lock Jet-Air Threading™
Full-Featured, Differential Feed
Vertical Needle Penetration



               BERNINA L 220                                                                                              BERNINA 1300MDC
              Automatic looper threader                                                                          mtc (micro thread control) system
              Flat joining seam with coverstitch                                                               Swing-out upper-knife arm
              Simple hem with coverstitch                                                                        Safety switch
              Adjustable differential feed while sewing                                                  LCD screen
              Elastic application                                                                                           A host of premium features 
                               BERNINA 1150MDA                                                                            BERNINA 800DL     
                              mtc (micro thread control) system                                                 Upper-looper converter
                              Professional knife drive from above                                              Differential-feed and stitch-length controls
                              Handwheel position indicator                                                         Adjustable thread tension
                              Front Foot Lift                                                                                      Professional knife drive from above
                              Differential feed                                                                                  Rolled-hem lever
                          BERNINA 700D                                                                                BERNINA 009DCC
                         Adjustable thread tension                                                              Easy-to-use automatic chain looper threader
                         Professional knife drive from above                                             Flat joining seam with coverstitch
                         Differential feed                                                                                Simple hemming with chainstitch
                         Rolled-hem lever                                                                              Adjustable sewing speed
                         Lay-in threading system                                                                 Differential feed    

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