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What's New at Sanford Sewing

Sanford Sewing
1923 Main St, Sanford, ME

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Did you see this weeks Shop @ Home featuring, July 28: Stand up, Sit down, Quilt! Quilt! Quilt! HQ Capri with HQ InSight and HQ Simply Sixteen on Little Foot Frame, available at Show Price.


Maine Shop Hop 2020 is HERE!
The 2020 shop Hop will be a little different this year (It's 2020 everything is different).
Shops will not be open 7 days a week, please, please check the shop's web site or facebook page for current hours. Things change very rapidly, so please check.
We are open Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm.
Hopper's Guide to the 2020 Shop Hop

Click Here to download the "Hopper's Guide to the 2020 Shop Hop". This really helpful document provides each shop's hours, address and phone number, restroom status, online options for hopping, and more.
?Many shops are offering curbside service for hoppers; please call ahead to make arrangements with a shop.

*2020 Hopper Challenge: The Hopper Challenge was so popular in 2019 that we're doing it again! Visit the "Hopper Challenge" page for more information.
*Shop Hoppers are eligible to receive one free charm square at each shop! The charm will be from a specially selected blender line of fabrics from Robert Kaufman. These blenders are perfectly paired to match the "Birds and Berries of Maine" 2020 Shop Hop fabric line.
*Passorts DO NOT NEED to be dated and initialed by shops! Shops ONLY need to stamp or sticker their square on a Hopper’s passport.
*All completed passports must be postmarked by September 15. Please send to the address listed on the bottom of the passport. No in-person passport deliveries are available.


Turn in your Loyalty Card and receive a Sanford Sewing Bag. New promotions starts September 15th.



Enjoy a refreshing blast of winter savings in the middle of summer with our Swissmas in July sale!    7/17/2020 - 8/18/2020
Free gifts with purchase of a machine, see web site for details.

Quilters Trek is still going on. Check out our block and ask for our free block pattern or purchase a kit.

Sanford Sewing
1923 Main Street Sanford, ME 04073

Contact Us:

Phone:  1-207-324-8375
Address: 1923 Main st. Sanford, ME 04073
Hours: M-F 9:00 am-5:00pm,
Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

              Closed Sundays