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HQ Pro-stitcher Basics and Beyond

This class is great for both beginners as well as intermediate HQ Pro-Stitcher users. Linda will cover all of the basics of using the HQ Pro-Stitcher. The newest version of the software will be used. We’ll explore the powerful software capabilities such as Reposition, Resize, Repeat, Area, Crop, Cross Hatching, etc. to enable you to create quilted masterpieces and finish more quilts.

Classes are 6 hours each 75.00 per day.

Day 1
Part 1 - Introduction to Pro-Stitcher

HQ Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for use with Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines. User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function is easy and fun. Whether finishing your own quilts or considering a quilting business, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with an HQ Pro-Stitcher. New owners – start here!

• Overview of support resources available on-line
• Overview of menu and basic functions and design catalog
• Fit a design to a block using Skew and Resize, XForm and Align
• Demonstration of the HQ Pro-Stitcher Simulator
Exercises using Simulation and at the machine

Part 2 – Let’s Quilt
This class moves beginners from overview to quilting applications.
This class of quilting applications is an extension of Part 1 and addresses specific functions and basic techniques a quilter will use on a regular basis to finish quilts with the HQ Pro-Stitcher. Tips and shortcuts for using features of the
program are included.
• What’s the difference between Reposition, Nudge and Drag and Drop
• The many ways to describe an Area on your quilt
• Using Skew 1 vs Skew 2
• Set up, crop, wrap and advance edge-to-edge designs
• Quilt straight lines the easy way with Move and Channel Locks

All Day Only - Two 3-hour sessions, Parts 1 & 2
After you’ve mastered dropping block designs and quilting edge to edge with the HQ Pro-Stitcher, you’re now ready to expand and strengthen your skills. This class focuses on in-depth aspects of specific functions of the HQ Pro-Stitcher.
Learn how to create continuous border and corner designs; easily digitize your own designs using the features under the Record menu; and quilt on-point designs and areas larger than the throat-space of your machine.
• Working with border and corner units
• Managing “wonky” borders and blocks
• Quilting areas larger than the throat-space of your machine
• Quilting on point designs, sashings and triangles
• Recording your own designs with HQ Pro-Stitcher

HQ Pro-stitcher Basics and Beyond

$ 25.00
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